My Digital Portfolio

Upon examining all of the work that I have been required to complete for the Instructional Media Master’s program, I was surprised by how much of this program has affected my teaching.   Most of the assignments were ones that I could apply to my classroom, but honestly was not sure if I would use them past the assignment dates.  I am happy to report that I have and continue to do so.  Since my classroom is primarily a Google classroom, so it only made sense to use Google Sites to create my digital portfolio.  I have previously used Live Binders, and while it was effective, it is a bit of a challenge to use.   I found Google Sites, especially the new version of it.   I found it easier to use and manipulate.  I especially liked when one previews it before it is published, one can see the mobile, tablet and computer views.  I will be using this format with my students this year as they create their own.  I also like the fact that I am able to “unpublish” my website and make changes regarding who can and cannot view each site.  I see the great potential of Google Sites, not only professionally, but for my students as well.