Board Builder in the Classroom

Board Builder is a web based tool that allows students access to digital media related to academic material.   Board Builder allows for visual connections to the material.  Additionally, it allows for the student to work at his or her own pace within the determined timeline of the teacher.  The potential for Board Builder is great and limitless.   


As an instructor, I appreciate how it is a gateway not only to the flipped classroom, but to post secondary expectations.  As a teacher of special education seniors, many of whom are going to college, the potential for Board Builder is fantastic.  Many times, my students are not given the same opportunities as their hearing peers.   Teachers often see them as lacking the skills needed to complete work independently.   While they may think they are protecting, they are actually enabling a misconception.  Board Builders are a building block to creating a respectful mind within this setting.  Students are treated just as their non special education peers.  Students are provided an opportunity to grow and learn as a typical student.


In regards to the ethical mind, Board Builder allows students to reach outside of their comfort zone.  They are able to work on teacher created but student driven assignments.   Students can use a variety of methods to make connections on a great plain, accessing more than just what exists in their world.   This opportunity gives students the opportunity to acknowledge those around them, to collaborate and share minds.

All in all, I like Board Builder and can see the benefits of it in my classroom and for my students.  The only downside is that it requires a paid subscription.   Since I am one teacher in a pool of many, I am not sure how likely it would be that my school would head in the direction of adopting it.  However, should it become available to me as a teacher (once this program is completed), I will jump at the chance to use it.

My Board Builder is available on the Discovery Education Website under the name “Cinderella Across Cultures”.


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