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What tools have I explored and what make me choose this one?

I went back and forth on what tools to use.  I am a big Diigo fan, but I wanted to try something different. Many of my friends and colleagues use Pinterest.  I have had an account for a while, but to be honest, I was not that thrilled with it.  It seemed like a really good way of wasting time, especially for the crafty or want to be crafty, neither of which decribes me.  But, I wanted to challenge myself as well as trust that these people that I respected were doing more than pinning DIY projects.

When I’m thinking of sources, what influences my decision?

When I first jump into research, I will be honest, I go whole hog.   I think that is why I liked Diigo so much.    I used to one of “those” people who hogged the copy machine, making tons of copies.   I like to get as many resources as possible and then cull from there.   I am never sure which way my research will go and I want to make sure that I have all avenues.   After that, I try to practice what I preach.   I teach my students to use the CRAAP test and I try to do the same.  I want current and relevant sources when I am completing research.

How many of my sources are teachers or practitioners, how many are considered experts, do I have a balance?

The board I created has an equal number of experts and practitioners.   I think at times, because of the topic I picked, it is hard to see the “expertise” of one person over another, yet it is there.  I tried to see the perspective from other viewpoints, especially from the Deaf and hearing sides.

Who else is using this tool and what do you like about they way they use it. What techniques/approaches will you include in yours?

I am introducing Symbaloo to my students this year.   I already have the “Lorentz Classes” page setup and ready to go.   I just added Pinterest to it.   While I am still a bigger fan of Diigo, I see the  benefits of other tools.   While I only have these two on my page at present, I am not unwilling to add others!

How will I look and find sources that will challenge me?

By my general dislike of Pinterest, I would say that all sources challenge me.   I was honestly expecting no resources of worth.   I was pleasantly surprised by the resources and the access I had to them.  I do have to say that I did start another board-for Halloween-so I was a bit more distracted than I would be on Feedly or Diigo, but it was more fun!


9 thoughts on “My Curation Tool/Magazine

  1. Hi Meghan,

    Why do you think Pinterest wastes time? I used this for my curation tool to explore my topic, interactive whiteboards and I thought it was easy to use. It also keeps your sources very organized.

    Also, what is your topic for your final project? I clicked onto your Pinterest board, and a bunch of different boards and topics came up. Some were wedding things, and others were back to school ideas.

    Christine Dennis

    • Christine,
      Thank you for the heads up. I swore I only linked my one board, but it looks like I linked them all (ahhh!). I do not think that I am trained enough to use Pinterest well. Clearly, you saw the hot mess that I have for an account. After having set up this specific board (internet access for the Deaf), I saw the benefits. In fact, I think that I am going to leave it as an option for my students. This project was an eye opener for me. Off to fix my boo boo.

  2. I meant I used Flipboard, not Pinterest for my final topic, whiteboards. I really liked how organized Flipboard was.

    I did explore Pinterest, but I didn’t like how everything was all over the page.

    • I also liked Flipboard. I cannot use it at school, so I wanted to use one that my students could use. Otherwise, I think that I would have used Flipboard as well.

  3. Hi Meghan,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and after a Google search on your topic, I have decided that this would be a great tool to implement into my own classroom after we go 1:1.

    I agree with your comments regarding Pinterest. When looking at this site as a curation tool, I only thought of it as a way to find ideas for DIY projects around my house and not as a “research” tool. However, after viewing your board, I realized that it can be used for this purpose as well. I really like the “visual” aspect of Pinterest. However, I have found that it adds items that I have not necessarily selected to my board. Have you found this as well? Thank you so much for the great research topic and for sharing your thoughts with us this week!

    🙂 Erin

    • Erin,
      I did notice a few things that I did not remember posting, but I assumed it was because I was new to Pinterest as a tool. I cannot say this tool is my favorite, but I respect that it really works for some. Thanks for your post.


  4. Meghan,
    I that you are trying something new with using Pinterest. I was back and forth about it as well, but found that I could connect my Pinterest board to my Diigo so that I can have both. Pinterest is much more visually appealing than Diigo. Your topic of equal internet access for the deaf sounds very interesting and I look forward to learning more about it!


  5. LOVE your topic; I never really thought about how many things on the Internet might not be accessible to the deaf! I can’t wait to see your final project! P.S. I also like that you challenged yourself to try a new tool! 🙂 Great work!

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